I have finished the Cambridge CELTA course. Besides I have a pedagogic degree (I graduated from the Nizhny Novgorod Dobrolubov Linguistic University in 2002 with the qualification of a teacher of English and Russian to foreigners) and I have more than ten years of EFL experience.

I've taught people of all ages (from young learners to adults) and levels (from complete beginners to advanced learners) in both General and Business English. I've worked in a private language school, as well as for international companies.

Currently I’m focused on online teaching and I work with students all over the world.  Interacting with students online adds a new facet to my career that is extremely exciting.

I am also a teacher of Russian to those who are interested in the Russian language, culture, and traditions.



My name is Natalie and I’m a professional teacher of English and Russian.

In 2001 I graduated from Nizhny Novgorod State University of Foreign Languages, philological faculty (with qualifications of a teacher of Russian to foreign students and a teacher of English) and since then I’ve worked in several language schools and in Nizhny Novgorod State University.

I’ve got experience of teaching to students of all ages but mainly I’m keen on teaching teenagers and adults. Currently I’m combining work as an interpreter for a manufacturing company with teaching practice and I will be very happy to help you reach your goals in education whatever they are!

Your knowledge of English or Russian will change your reality completely and give you new opportunities for future development, your career promotion and comfort communication!



I am a qualified teacher of English with years of experience (linguistic universities of Moscow, private students of different ages).  I graduated from Moscow State Linguistic University (The faculty of humanitarian and applied sciences, languages: English, German).

This year I’ve done the CELTA course and got the certificate which allows me to teach English all over the world.

G.B. Shaw said that “German and Spanish are accessible to foreigners: English is not accessible even to Englishmen”, together we will prove that English is accessible not only to Englishmen but to everyone who is willing to learn it :)

I regard online teaching as one of the most developing and promising branches in modern education and do my best to make lessons through skype both informative and exciting. Nowadays English is irreplaceable in many spheres of life (career, communicating, travelling) and our lessons will help you to overcome the language barrier and start speaking English and using it in your everyday life.

Kseniya Voronetskaya

Kseniya Voronetskaya

I am an extremely lucky person because teaching is my work and hobby at the same time. I started my career in the year 2005 in Vladivostok city where I lived and studied linguistics. I currently live in Moscow.

To be competitive in a big city it is highly recommended to have internationally-recognized qualifications. And this is one of the reasons why I got the CELTA certificate (Cambridge Certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages) in BKC – International House Moscow, Teacher Training Center.

I am strongly convinced that to keep up to date it is important to place ourselves in different and challenging situations, broaden our views, develop new techniques and use top-notch facilities and methods in teaching. That is why I decided to try SKYPE which is nowadays very popular. What I am really excited about on-line teaching is that it saves a lot of time and knows no bounds.

I will be happy to help you with general English on all levels and different exams such as ЕГЭ (Unified State Examination), KET, PET, FCE, TOEFL and IELTS.

My logo is “hitch your wagon to a star”. Where is the next stop on YOUR professional way? :)



The limits of my language are the limits of my world (Ludwig Wittgenstein)

Learning a foreign language is a wonderful journey full of exciting discoveries, it opens our minds and leads to unforeseen opportunities. So why not take the plunge and start it right now?  Besides, you can do it without leaving home. All you need is a computer connected to the internet and a webcam. Learning English in a communicative way, engaging in real-life conversations, authentic teaching materials, stimulating and challenging activities… Isn’t it tempting?

My life motto is learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can; there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did. I have been learning languages all my life and being a teacher and a student at the same time helps me understand better the learning needs of my students.

  • I graduated from Sholokhov Moscow State University for Humanities
  • I am a holder of a CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) certificate issued by the University of Cambridge
  • I have been teaching English and French to children and adults for more than 10 years ( in a language school and at a linguistics faculty)
  • I am a holder of a C1 certificate in Spanish issued by the Institute of Cervantes

So, shall we start? And remember: “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”

Gregory Diehl

Gregory Diehl


I’m from the USA, California

I believe that language learning is entirely natural to the human brain and that by copying the conditions under which our native languages were learned we can learn any foreign language with ease.

I structure my teaching methods to help my students acquire a natural and intuitive understanding in written and spoken form and so that they may continue their educational journey independently of me. I have had a passion for teaching and communication for as long as I can remember and am thrilled to have the opportunity to teach others how to communicate effectively in English.

I have worked with children, adults, professionals, writers, public speakers, academics, and families to improve their fluency. I have 550 hours of TEFL certification courses done and have worked in 5 countries around the world. I am also a teacher of many other subjects and a professional writer.

I promise that by working with me you will enjoy the entire learning process and be proud of how quickly you can adapt to use English as well as you use your native language.



A great teacher is a great artist, and you know how few great artists there are in the world.


Teaching   has much in common with the activities of the artist, the creator. Teaching cannot be uncreative as all teachers and students are unique, and have different personalities. Each lesson is unique, too. Teaching the same subject to “the same level students”, lessons can be quite different. The desire of creativity is always  with me, and  I try to instill this desire in my students. People need to do, to create something new. In this way, they may feel  success . Like a great Russian teacher Shatalov says “the student must constantly be "in a state of succes." So, can a person study to be successful? Definitely, yes.   I ask my students, "Do you want to be successful? Then look for your dream and step forward - to  success in life. "

Some information about Me:

  1. education - Nizhny Novgorod State LinguisticUniversity, Faculty of Philology, 2002
  2.  teaching experience (years) and the qualification category -14 years, the highest category
  3.  diplomas - Diploma of the Department of Education of the Leninsky district of Nizhny Novgorod, Diploma of the Department of Education of Nizhny Novgorod presentations at the district, city, regional and international conferences; participation in professional contests "The best tutor" (3rd place ), "Teacher of the Year" (1st place



      Greetings to you! My name is Lyubov.

      I’m a qualified specialist of teaching English with over 10 years of experience. I graduated from the Nizhny Novgorod Dobrolubov Linguistic University in 1999 with the qualification of a teacher of English and Russian to foreigners. I’ve recently finished the TKT-course and got the international certificate which confirms my teaching skills.

      I teach English at all levels for business, exam preparation and general conversation in groups as well as for individuals in private language schools and for International companies.

      It’s common knowledge that results are achieved better when you enjoy what you’re doing. That’s why I do my best to make my lessons interesting, creative, enjoyable and motivating.  My primary teacher’s goal is your language results reached at a pace you are comfortble with.

      Whether you’re just starting out with your studies or want to improve your language skills for business, or maybe you wish to realise your child’s dream to read your favourite book in the original, I’ll find the best way to help you to achieve your goal.

      It’s not difficult or tricky… you just need to make a try!