Dear friend!

You study at school or University and you understand how important it is to speak English nowadays. It’s fun to study foreign languages with us.

In our lessons we use the best materials, exciting computer programmes and interesting learning websites. You’ll learn a lot about cultures and traditions of other countries and you’ll have an opportunity to make friends all over the world.

Are you good at using your computer?

If you are, the best way to study English for you is via – Skype. It’s modern, comfortable and easy!

You’ll see your tutor face to face on your computer screen. At the same time all the best online resources will be at your disposal. The teacher will show you the most popular international websites for teenagers and you’ll be able to practice your skills.

You’ll become fluent in English and you’ll feel confident at exams

People all over the world like learning on Skype. It’s high time you joined them!

The teacher will choose a course according to your level in English during a free trial lesson. It’s just a chat with a teacher and you don’t have to be nervous about it. During the conversation the teacher will understand what you are good at and what needs working on. Our teachers are young, energetic, dedicated, involved into the subject, tolerant and patient. They really love what they do.

So, your following steps are

The teacher will provide all the necessary materials and answer your questions during the trial lesson.

Good luck!

  • If you haven’t got Skype yet you can download it here
  • You’ll need earphones and a microphone (unless they are installed in your computer)
  • Apply for a FREE trial lesson and your teacher will contact you very soon