Business English

- I would like to get ahead in my career, but my English lets me down
- I often go on business trips abroad
- I have to pass a Cambridge exam in English to get promoted
- Every time I communicate with my foreign partners and friends I realize my English really needs to be improved

You’ll do it easily with us!

Comfort Language will choose a course according to your individual pursuits. It’ll be a special course for Business people, a grammar course for those who speaks fluently but need to master the language, or we’ll just discuss Business World news or current affairs with those who need speaking practice.

We’ll consider the following topics:

  • business trips
  • telephone conversations
  • business etiquette
  • markets
  • job searching
  • team building and team management
  • motivating the employees
  • competition
  • business trainings
  • and other aspects of the business world

We use the best British and American books as well as authentic materials like "Financial Times" and different Internet resources. Our teachers have near-native competence in the language, and their methods are continually being updated according to the latest requirements and technological opportunities. They are young, energetic, dedicated, involved into the subject, tolerant and patient. They really love what they do. Our team will help you to compete more effectively in a global market.